1. Rock climbing ystd gave me such crazy aching arms that I had to go for a full body massage 😅 I can’t even lift anything~ but hey. I managed to reach the top. Twice!! ✌️

  2. Woke up feeling really blessed for loving parents 👫❤️. Thanks daddy for waking up crazy early on a Sunday morning, preparing crabs, abalone and even ginseng chicken soup for the entire family. This would probably be my best memory this summer 😢 (at ONGS reunite 💕)

  3. Take flight ✈️ hahha. Did a 5C+ and 6A rock wall. Now I’ve jelly arms. 😂

  4. Impromptu dinner w one of the few friends I still keep in touch w from sec sch @junhonest 😉🙆 (and also a really fat left cheek from wisdom tooth surgery ystd hahaha)

  5. Everything truffle 😍 Truffle mushroom pizza was surprisingly realllyyyyy good. Hehe thanks for spending your day w me @huanrongg 🙆 (at Skinny Pizza)

  6. Cut.

  7. Three 21 inch pizzas and so much more food that can’t fit the frame 😙 #kclmsstakeflight #redyellowOG

  8. #kclmss #takeflight I swear their pictionary skills really 👍👍👍 how do you even guess sainsbury 😅 (at Hwa Chong Institution Boarding School)

  9. Garlic truffle fries 😍😍😍 w @yapmuna_xo @bingbangpoo 🍟 love how they cut up the garlic hehe~ (at Supply & Demand)

  10. Yesterday was a crazy night #shortbodymidget #tallsexbomb @yapmuna_xo 😘😘😘 (at The Helix Bridge)