1. Pretty sunsets 😍

  2. Hi I’m back in London! 👋

  3. Garlic truffle buttered escargots 😋 the bread tasted better though lol.

  4. I love you all, really. Thank you for everything. Everything. (at Singapore Changi T3 Departure)

  5. Xiexienimendeai 😘 really appreciate y’all all for coming all the way down!! See you guys in June!! 👋👋👋

  6. I was fixated w this scene of an entire family out at the beach. The son w mum and the daughter w dad. I really do admire them. No computers no phones, just genuine presence and company. (at East Cost Park Beach Singapore)

  7. Reminiscing shanghai internship experiences w the pivot boys. How much I’ve missed those 6 months w y’all 😢🙆

  8. Attempting Abbey Road shot hahahha 🚲 (at East Coast Park)

  9. Can you see the mini figurines on the castle? This kid is brilliant. (at East Cost Park Beach Singapore)

  10. Finally got down to accomplishing our yearly run!! Really happy to strike it off my 2014 list. Thank you for pulling me along @thxnaux 🙆🙆🙆 yayyyy (at Metta Charity Run 2014)